DIY 40MSPS AVR oscilloscope with graphical LCD

This project is amazing – how simple construction can be comparing to its power. I wouldn’t say that it is easy to build project, but average electronics hobbyist could do this as DSO circuit and PCB image are ready for manufacturing.


Oscilloscope samples signals at 40MSPS frequency which is much more than most powerful AVR microcontrollers can be clocked. For this there is 40MHz clock source used which is passed through programmable logic (XC9572 from Xilinx) IC. Analog signals are passed through OPA2652 operational amplifier and low-pass filter with 20MHz bandwidth. Then filtered signal enters ADS830 ADC chip which is clocked with 40MHz frequency. Converted signal then goes to AVR ATmega162 microcontroller. From where it goes to 240×128 (LMG6402PFLR with HD61830B controller) graphical LCD.

Features of AVR DSO (eOscope):

  • Maximum sample frequency: 40MSPS
  • Maximum input frequency: 5MHz
  • Maximum displayed frequency without aliasing: 10MHz
  • Input circuit bandwidth: 20MHz
  • Display resolution: 240×128 total, trace resolution 200×125
  • Sensitivity: 40mV/div
  • Coupling: DC
  • Input impedance: 10K
  • Power supply: single DC source 8V..10V, 1A
  • No incremental mode
  • Time base: 1s/div, 500ms/div, 200ms/div, 100ms/div, 50ms/div/, 20ms/div, 10ms/div, 5ms/div, 2ms/div, 1ms/div, 500us/div, 200us/div, 100us/div, 50us/div, 20us/div, 10us/div, 5us/div, 2us/div, 1us/div, 500ns/div
  • Trigger: digitally adjustable
  • Trace offset: digitally adjustable

Project files are free for non commercial use.

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  2. Please let me know what’s the left side of IDT7201?

  3. Can you put the pcb image in a pdf file and the schematics and documentation. Please

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  5. Hello!
    When I click on Project files are “free” for non commercial use, nothing happens.
    Regards, Božo

  6. The link has been fixed. Anyway, better follow [read] link to get to project page where you never miss the newest project files and information.

  7. Hi,I can not to open this page,why???

  8. kiranvarma-npeducations

    will you provide any further details about this oscilloscope. I want to implement this with MSP430 microcontroller.

  9. Follow [..Source link..] which leads to detailed page.


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