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Digital Clock Based on the PIC16F84A

Ok, it isn’t a new and extraordinary task to build yourself own digital clock. However, you’ll get different feeling and experience, even you’re repeating the same projects for over hundred or thousand times!

Let’s take an example. You’ve probably built several digital clock in the past, and you must think it’s silly to create another digital clock here. Well, let me remain you that this digital clock is slightly different from the others.


As you can see on the above picture, this digital clock has a bigger and brighter LED display. The main purpose of this project is to build a clock that can display the time and date on ten seven segment displays. In addition, you have to make sure that the project can easily fit in a small red see-through box as shown on the above figure.

There are two buttons being used in this project. The first button is responsible for selecting the digit and the second button increments the digits.

By the way, this project is constructed on two circuit boards. The top one contains the displays and the two switches. The lower circuit board consist the PIC Micro, 4026 and the transistor.

In this case, you have to gap the two boards and connect them together, as it shown on the below figure.


If you’re creative enough, then you can add the countdown timer, world clock or hourly chime features into the digital clock too!

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  1. hi
    its very nice

  2. hello can you help me with the program of this digital clock using PIC16F84A?thanks.

  3. The clock that u have built is really outstanding with such less amount of instruments.Could u help me making the same.I want to learn it pls using the PIC16F84A.PLS

  4. Could u plss send me the ckt diagram and the list of equipments required for this plssss

  5. Could you also please send me the circuit diagram and equipment list? Thanks!

  6. its very intresting. can you send my the circuit diagram of this project. if anybody have the circuit diagram of this project please send me on my email id anshu_de@yaho.com.

  7. Go to [Read] for full project.

  8. can i know how to make a clock for the led (pic16f84a)thank you

  9. Elo Can you please give me detailed steps on how to build this digital clock

  10. Hi…. can give me details of this project..i want to do it….

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