Development board for newly released enhanced mid-range PIC16F1847 microcontroller

Development board is a very helpful tool for exploring the features of a microcontroller. It allows you to perform varieties of experiments and projects with minimum effort of time. This project describes how to make your own development board for PIC16F1847 microcontroller. If you are not aware of PIC16F1847, it is the latest successor of the 18-pin classic PIC16x84 microcontroller with lot of enhanced features. Microchip released this last month and it has 14Kbytes of flash program memory and 1024 bytes of RAM.

Besides a LCD, 8 LEDs and 6 tact switches, the board contains a lot of other peripherals that can be useful in doing various projects. The external serial EEPROM could be used in datalogger projects to record the measured samples. The on-board MCP23008 chip provides an additional 8-bit I/O port if required. The MCP604 is a Quad OpAmp chip from Microchip, which can be used with DS1868 (dual channel digital potentiometer) for signal conditioning purpose. It’s a full-featured board for hobbyists.

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