Develop easier with PlatformIO ecosystem

Different microcontrollers normally have different developing tools. For instance Arduino rely on Arduino IDE. Few more advanced users set up different graphical interfaces like Eclipse for better project management. Sometimes it may be hard to keep up with different microcontrollers and tools. You probably thought that single unified development tool could be great. Well this is what Platform IO open source ecosystem is for.


This is cross platform code builder and library manager with platforms like Arduino or MBED support. They took care of toolchains, debuggers, frameworks that work on most popular platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux. It supports more than 200 development boards along with more than 15 development platforms and 10 frameworks. So most of popular boards are covered. They’ve done hard work in organizing and managing hundreds of libraries that can be included in to your project. Also lots of examples allow you to start developing quickly. Platform IO initially was developed with Command line philosophy. It’s been successfully used with other IDE’s like Eclipse or Visual Studio. Recently they’ve released a version with built in IDE based on Atom text editor.

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