Decorate Your Home With This Sparkling Christmas Lights Controller!

You would like to buy the Christmas lights in the local store, but you just can’t buy it, as you want to save more money for the emergency use? Well, if you still want to decorate your house with the colorful and sparkling Christmas lights, then you might want to check out this following DIY Christmas Lights Controller.

The biggest advantage of using this DIY Christmas lights controlled with the .NET Micro Framework is it allows you to have the full access LEDs controlling. In this case, you can come up with numerous lights sparkling patterns than the ordinary Christmas lights controller that you buy at the store!


Furthermore, this project is also children-friendly, where it means that kids of all ages can have a go at building the hardware without messing around with mains. The lights that you’re about to use here is has to be as lines of twenty LEDs, where its all wired up as four strands of five LEDs each. All the LEDs in each strand are the same color.

The shift registers will play an important role for this project, where it will be used to control a ton of LEDs using a small number of controller pins!

By the way, remember to build this project with your loved ones…

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  1. May i know the project source? schematic source code

  2. Thank you for letting us know that link was somehow lost. We have fixed it. It is as always under [read] tag.

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