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Data Acquisition System Based on ATmega8

Did anyone here learn the Visual Basic before? If you did, then this data acquisition system would be a piece of cake to you!

Ok, the main goal of this project is to use a PC to connect the homemade data acquisition hardware and produce the GUI for user-friendly graphical presentation. So, in this project, the important thing is using a PC for GUI display.


The circuit is being built based on the ATmega8, where the chip has the on chip 10-bit resolution A/D Converter. You must make sure that you’ve fully connected the LM335 temperature sensors to the six channels ADC input. The reasons why LM335 temperature sensors are used because it can measure the temperature using two wires remotely! In this case, you’re having the choice to connect up to eight sensors with the ATmega8 TQFP package.

Normally, by sending a serial of common from PC, you’ll be able to capture the analog inputs. In other hands, the readings will be displayed, either in graphically or text data format. In addition, you’re allow to record the data as the database and keep a track on it as well!

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  1. Sir,
    I am Sunil. I got your Visual Basic software for showing data on PC. So thaks for that. But sir diffrenc in your and my project is that you transfered data through serial port but we transfer data through Ethernet Module(ETHERNET INTERFACE BOARD V1.0) then how we show the data on PC. I am not able to connect to AVR. I am using ATmega128 AVR kit.
    So please help me.

  2. I Did learn the Visual Basic before but I still cant make this data acquisition system. would teach me. my final assaignment is Data Acquisiton and control betwen PC and ATMEGA 32 using basic/BASCOM.
    my problem is:
    1. how we can make connection at basic/bascom script between PC and microprocessor into database
    2. how to produce the GUI for user-friendly graphical presentation with the database.
    3. how to control port at my device with visual basic

    if you can give me link for learn or it wouldbe perfect and thankyou very much if you give your basic(bascom) and visual basic script for me to learn. once again thanks a lot

  3. i don’t hv enough LM335 connected to ADC input,so can i short the remaining input to GND? What shall i do? pls advise…thks..

  4. everytime i start recording, error message appear and eventually no data is collected. what is the reason??

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