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Custom Wireless RC Remote Control

This project is something which I have made it myself but a very basic version. This is so-advanced.  Everyone have seen or even played with the XBOX controller or a PS3 controller. This is something similar but has wireless capability and is mainly used to control Robots and Quadcopters and with a little tweaks, you might be able to use it on your PC too. The project has been called this project “Omote” – Oscar’s Remote controller. There might be quite a lot of existing commercial controllers like RC transmitters, but they tend to be very expensive and probably not optimized to this project.


For the Wireless communication Modules, a  Ciesco XRF has been used because they are so much cheaper than the XBee. For the controller, they picked up an Arduino Mega. The Mega provided more enough Analogue and Digital pins, which the UNO failed to provide. Software for this project consists two parts, one for the remote controller (which I call “Host” later on), and the other for the robot (“Client”). There will also be a LCD menu system to provide current state information of the controller, allow real time parameter adjustment, calibration and so on.

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