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Countdown timer for UV PCB exposure

If you need simple, reliable countdown timer for PCB exposure or even in the kitchen – this project is what you may need.


Circuit of this timer is very simple – AVR Attiny2313 microcontroller gets commands from three buttons (Time Up, Time down and Start), displays it on 2x16LCD. You can connect any device to be controlled to relay. After timer counting is over – it gives a sound signal via buzzer. Project schematic and PCB is developed with Eagle CAD software. Firmware is written in Basic language with Bascom. Time to cook.

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  1. This link is bad it just leads to a spam website now

  2. ps fix your buggy ass math proofer

  3. Thanks for notice. Link removed. Couldn’t find a working link for this one – if you do so let us know.

  4. hi!
    how to download the bascom file?
    Or could you send by email?

  5. It seems that site with files is gone. If someone find’s other place of files – please share here, or upload so they could be stored locally.
    Sorry for there inconveniences.

  6. the project has moved to a new site: http://dselec.wordpress.com/timer/

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