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Cornell University AVR student projects

At the end of academic year ECE476 Cornell University students produced about 40 new projects mostly based on Atmega32. As every year students have their responsibility to choose their own final project. So there you can find various interesting ideas and designs including video games, robots, MIDI synthesizers, clocks, speech recognitions and so on.



Projects here are accumulated since 1999 Spring(over 200 older projects). So you can surf inside pretty big knowledge base and find ideas, solutions and inspiration for your own designs.


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  1. i need freqencymeter with AVR by codevision please

  2. i need freqencymeter with AVR by codevision please

  3. hello dear,
    how are you doing?
    my name is abinet.currently,I am electrical engineering student and I am working my final year project on the titl <>
    till now I don’t have any related material which assist me on my project. If you have any material or related project,please attach using my Email
    thank you for your good cooperative on this idea!

  4. hello,

    i have 50MHz frequency meter projects based on ATmega8 schematics and code!! pls mail me & will send you everything.

  5. Hi
    I want to design and product a device for evaluation size water in solid(Soil moisture meter) with AVR and sensor with display in LCD and dirrect application,but in a collegiate project.
    please help me and send information and circuit to me.

  6. Pls,i want a project on Solar Energy Conversion based on micro controller system.Thank you.

  7. hello dears
    my name is ebi
    I am electrical engineering student and I am working my final year.it is about design operating system core for avr.
    i want you guyes pls help me?

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