Core2duino – Dual core Arduino

This project was started by johndavid400 whose intention was to get more I/O pins from Arduino. So why not to add another Arduino board on top and almost double the number of pins. As result you can have 12PWM pins, 12 Analog, 40 Digital pins and 4 external interrupts.

Actually you don’t have to build a now complete Arduino board, as stacking them allows to exclude power supply and USB interface. both Arduino’s communicate via I2C interface this way consuming only two digital pins, while other may be used for other purposes. To make things work, there has to be sketches for both arduino – master and slave. For now, it only has sample sketch for controlling digital pins. But after some coding it can be converted in to full functioning expander or who knows maybe some dual core routines. If you need more I/O’s fro Arduino, this is right choice.

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  2. “If you need more I/O’s fro Arduino, this is right choice.”

    Actually, it’s probably the worst choice (ok, that may be exaggerating).

    A shift register, like the 74HC595, is the right choice. Each chip (which cost less than $0.50 – I’ve found them as low as $0.40) will add 8 I.O. pins, and they can be run in parallel. If you’re counting, that’s over 70 digital I/O for the price of the ATMega chip.

    If you want analog, the 4051 multiplexer costs about $0.30 and will add 8 channels of analog at the cost of one of your analog pins. You can get creative with these too: two 4051’s in an 8×8 matrix can check the status of 64 digital inputs without using any of your digital I/O; it all comes in through a single analog in.

    Programming these isn’t complicated, at least not any more than ATMegas in tandem would be.

    Now, if you figure out how to use the full processing power of the two ATMegas in parallel for the same task, I’m so with you. Also, for any process-intensive tasks that could be divided and run sufficiently independently this setup would be very nice.

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