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Controllerless Pong using an FPGA

Remember the ever-popular pong? I would say your childhood is totally boring if you haven’t tried one these ball paddling games. It came in various forms like handhelds and even  arcades with power ranger robots holding paddles – the running concept stayed the same through the years, if you can’t send the ball back then you lose.


This project from Cornell is a bit different from the pongs that we have seen so far – it freakin detects hand movements and translates those hand movements into paddle movement – your like controlling the freakin paddle with you Jedi powers 🙂

gesture detection was attained though skin recognition which is processed in a Field Programmable Gate Array or FPGA from Altera. The project is built upon the idea that  skin-detection, centroid computation, ball control and sound generation processes are done in parallel so that efficiency is attained. The hand movements are captured through a HTC 231x CCD camera while the game itself is displayed on a VGA monitor – and everything is processed in a single FPGA!

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