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Control Nokia 3310 Graphical LCD

Do you still remember old good Nokia 3310? I remember it was my very first cellular phone I had – and it was expensive. Now these phones are obsolete but some people still uses them as unbreakable and reliable phones. If you have one you can do some fun with its graphical LCD.


Nokia 3310 graphical LCD is Philips PCD8544 controller based LCD that can be interfaced via SPI connection. So this is ideal for interfacing with microcontrollers like PIC16F877P. LCD pinout is as follows:

1 – VDD ==> Input voltage.
2 – SCK ==> Serial Clock.
3 – SDI ==> Serial Data Input.
4 – D/C ==> Data/Command Input.
5 – SCE ==> Chip Select.
6 – GND ==> Ground.
7 – VOUT ==> VLCD.
8 – RES ==> Reset.

So connection is obvious. Other part is writing code. Some demo application can be found here written for Hi-Tech C compiler.

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