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Complex weather station solution using Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Weather stations are common projects in DIY area. Sensors are cheap and modular so why not. UC4FUN set up an interesting and complex weather station project that consists of two parts – Arduino UNO as data sender and Raspberry Pi as receiver.

Complex weather station solution using Arduino and Raspberry Pi

So first o all data transmitter which is built around Arduino. It reads data from several sensors like BMP085 barometer, TMP102 thermometer and HIH403x humidity sensor. Additionally there is a real time clock attached, LCD and user buttons. And finally there is XBee module attached to USART which sends data to another part of station. Receiver uses a Raspberry Pi with another XBee module attached. It pushes data further to Internet via WiFi and logs data to SD card.


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  1. Can this be housed in a weather proof container and installed outdoors withstanding high summer heat, sun and humidity torrential rains but broadcast its readings indoors to a server?

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