COMA – The Incredible All in One Instrument That You’re Looking For!

Are you felt it’s a troublesome to separate all the data acquisition, signal generation and so on into different tasks? Then, would you wish to have a super machine that can handle all those tasks and give you a relief?

If you do, it’s about time to check out this COMA tool. First of all, don’t misunderstood about the COMA word, as it’s an acronym for “Calculator Oscilloscope Multimeter Analyzer” or you can simply say that it’s a combination of four different components into one super cool tool!

Well, it might sound a little bit out of sense, but soon after you’ve tested its features, you’ll be amazed by its capable of performing multiple tasks in one tool.

Some of the main features of this COMA are:

  • Two channels, 8 bit 16MSPS Oscilloscope
  • FFT on acquired data
  • Eight Channel Logic Analyzer
  • Signal Generator
  • Frequency Generator
  • Multimeter
  • Volmeter
  • Ammeter
  • Ohmeter
  • L/C Meter
  • Logic Probe
  • Transistor Check
  • Calculator

The great part about this COMA is it can be produced in a very low cost and the capabilities of the PIC32 are being maximized. In overall, this is the idea tool for all the home hobbyists!

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  1. The idea is great. I’ve seen the original data on the device on site There’s no schemes for printed circuit board devices (pocket size). I would be very grateful if you lay out the printed circuit board and comments on the creation of the device.

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