CNC shield for Arduino

All the arduino lovers must have seen the CNC shield projects popping everywhere. People who wanted to contribute to the growth of the CNC shields have came up with a 100% GRBL compatible shield. The shield features open source software as well as the hardware along with a modular and compact design. CNC shield are the simplest mean available to add control electronics to your project.

CNC shield for Arduino

This familiar footprint manages to contain everything you need for a three-axis machine. The purple boards slotted into the pairs of SIL headers are Pololu Stepper motor drivers.  The terminal block in the center feeds the higher voltage rail necessary for driving the motors. The DIL header on the right breaks out all of the connections to the limiting switches (two for each axis), spindle and coolant control, as well as three buttons for pause, resume, and abort. There’s even a header for SPI making it easier to add custom hardware if necessary. This is a dual-layer board which may not be ideal for your own fabrication process.

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