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Clocks Rediscovered

All of us has those fancy hanging wall clock that shows us time in different styles. This one is a little different. It shows time with the help of lots and lots of seven segment displays. To be precise, it has a total of 72- segment displays, in a three ring format. Along with it, it has an adaptive light sensor, that makes reduces the brightness of the displays in night and increases during the day. Moreover, it also has a wave detection which shows time when you wave the hand.

Another feature is, that it has connectivity to internet to synchronize time from NTP server on time to time basis. For offline clock, it has an on-board RTC clock and even an Ethernet connection for remote entry. Although it has a lot of features, but it’s quite costly. But if the cost is neglected it is a really nice thing to have in your house. The maker of the project wants to add more features to it like a firmware upgrade and even support of IPv6 for internet access

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