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Cheap LED matrix display uses MAX7219

LED matrix displays are often used where bright text of simple graphical messages need to be dynamically displayed. You can get 8×8 LED matrix blocs really cheap in Chinese shops. Bajdi found that ones that are interfaced with MAX7219 – serially interface 8 digit LED display driver work really well even if they are non genuine MAXIM chips.

He bought 8 of those display bricks and connected them in to long 8 x 64 display. Then he used Arduino to drive them. It only needs three wires for serial interface. H also used Parola Arduino library on Codeplex to make scrolling text effects. In order to make display longer, he built several additional PCBs by modifying a bit original files found on Parola website. Since messages are running, next step is to add some interactivity with Bluetooth and Android app.

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