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L.A.T.H.I – The Smart Artificial Intelligent Helper!

It’s our duty to take care our parents when they’re aging. However, we cannot keep our eyes 24/7 on them. Hence, you might need some help here. Well, if you don’t want to waste money hiring a home health nurse, then you can consider to give this L.A.T.H.I a try. For your information, this L.A.T.H.I is a smart device that can be used by the old and aged people. Some of the great features of this L.A.T.H.I are: Life Saver The old or aged people may not be able to speak or move properly. This device has an Accelerometer to detect any unexpected situation and send data to their family members through their mobile phones. Beside that, it can also be a PANIC button, if there is any emergency cases suddenly happen. Direction Finder This function can help the aged people when they forget their way back to home (It’s good for those elders that have Alzheimer’s disease). Medicine Reminder If the aged people always forget to take medicines, then this device would be able to remind them to take… Continue reading

The Multipurpose PIC-based Beehive

The amount of bees has been drastically decreasing over the past few years. In order to finding out the main causes of this phenomenon, members of the European Parliament have joined a chorus urging action to save the bee from possibly extinction. According to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) study, the bee mortality rate was dropped to less than 40%, where it’s a figure that should be worried for all over the world! Some of the scientists think that something called the “Varroa mite” is the main cause for the bee emergency. For your information, Varroa mites are external, obligate parasites of worker and drone honeybees. Varroa mites are visible with the naked eye and look somewhat like a tick. The spreading of Varroa mites has causing the Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), where it can be a big threatens for the beehives! If you’re one of those that involving yourself in the beekeeping industry, then this PIC-based beehive is the ultimate choice for you. In this project, a PIC32 will be used as the system controller to monitor, analyze… Continue reading

The Marvelous 3D Pen

You’re wishing to create a tool that can be used as a 3D drawer, but you want it to be as simple as possible? Ok, then this magical 3D pen is the tool that you’ve been searching for… This 3D pen is actually a project that requires the builder to resemble a pen with a ball on the end. By checking through the computer screen, you’ll see a ball moving with the real ball. As the user, you can move the ball, either to touch or push virtual objects (The interesting part about this 3D pen is you can feel the force applied through the pen, when you’re touching or pushing the virtual objects!) By using this 3D pen, you can also interact with a 3D world inside the computer, where it is much more intuitive and flexible than using a mouse! Beside that, you can tap buttons, push the any switches and slide objects freely according your wills. With this 3D pen, you can do the following things: After touching a palette full of paint, the user can roll… Continue reading

This Wireless Audio Controller Can Bring Ease to Your Daily Life!

You’re mostly spending your time working on your computer in your reading room, but you would like listening to music during your working hours? Well, if you don’t want the stereo system to be placed in the reading room/bedroom, then you can consider building this Wireless Audio Controller. With this Wireless Audio Controller, you can: Wireless audio output to one or more speaker groups Line-level analog audio input USB digital audio support Streaming internet audio support Wave and MP3 format audio decoding Infrared remote control Internet interface for control from any room in the house Touch-screen configuration control First and foremost, the device must interface properly with an existing receiver. The input to the WAC can be analog audio from the receiver, digital audio from USB memory or streaming audio from the internet. However, the WAC has to transmit CD quality audio wirelessly from the receiver to one or more sets of speakers that located throughout the house. And, you have to ensure that it can be able to output analog audio to the receiver, so you can connect to… Continue reading

FIGARO is Going To Take a Good Care of Your Lawn!

You’re so freaking bored by spending hours of times, pushing your old-fashioned lawnmower, walking forward and backward all around your backyard? Would you want something that more fun and thrilling? If you do, then this FIGARO will make your dream come true! FIGARO is six-legged lawnmower robot that looks like a bug. It can move all over the place in any direction with its legs even on broken ground. It also has two arms that attached in the front, which make it looks like a huge crawling spider (For those people that having Arachnophobia, you should not try to make this stuff!). As you can see, at every end of one arm, there is a tiny lawnmower, and it’s a speedily rotating blade that can cut the grass just as the standard lawnmowers do! The best part about FIGARO is it not only can be used to trimming the lawn without any remote control in a predetermined location, but it can also trim the grass into different heights in every required small patch. This unique feature makes it possible to… Continue reading

COMA – The Incredible All in One Instrument That You’re Looking For!

Are you felt it’s a troublesome to separate all the data acquisition, signal generation and so on into different tasks? Then, would you wish to have a super machine that can handle all those tasks and give you a relief? If you do, it’s about time to check out this COMA tool. First of all, don’t misunderstood about the COMA word, as it’s an acronym for “Calculator Oscilloscope Multimeter Analyzer” or you can simply say that it’s a combination of four different components into one super cool tool! Well, it might sound a little bit out of sense, but soon after you’ve tested its features, you’ll be amazed by its capable of performing multiple tasks in one tool. Some of the main features of this COMA are: Two channels, 8 bit 16MSPS Oscilloscope FFT on acquired data Eight Channel Logic Analyzer Signal Generator Frequency Generator Multimeter Volmeter Ammeter Ohmeter L/C Meter Logic Probe Transistor Check Calculator The great part about this COMA is it can be produced in a very low cost and the capabilities of the PIC32 are being… Continue reading