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The Incredible Human Area Network

Basically, most of the sensors that we’re using in present days are usually measure the instantaneous acceleration in the two axis form. All right, how about we apply the three axes and then transmit it to HAN server unit? With this HAN server unit, it calculates sensor position in space and then, shows the result in the computer screen. As a result, you’ll get valuable information about your body performance, acceleration and force during exercise. Or, you can apply the HAN server unit as your house security system. In this case, you maybe have to remember certain dance steps and dancing in front your main doorstep, or you have to sleep outside the house if you’re failed to follow the correct steps! This must be really challenging, isn’t it? Honestly, with this incredible Human Area Network (HAN), you can do many things, including these stuffs: Turn the room lights on (You can get it done by moving your hand from left to right) Record any sequence of movement Control a video game by using your body as the joystick or… Continue reading

L.A.T.H.I. – The Brilliant Tool That Every Old People Must Have!

Life as a human being is full with surprises, as we might always encountered with many unpredictable events everyday. To be honest, no matter you’re aware or not, aging is one of the natural process and there’s nothing we can really do to avoid it. The even saddest thing is some of the people were sending their old parents to the old folk’s home, instead of taking care of them! Believe it or not, like the old saying, “What goes around comes around.” If you sent your parents away from your home, then you might face the same destiny in the future, where your children will do the same thing as you did to their grandparents! This is what we called, “Karma”! For those that decided to take care their old parents at home, I’m giving you the credit, as you’re really a filial son/daughter. As we know that most of the aging people don’t have the ability to walk or do the daily tasks normally. In this case, you might need some help from the L.A.T.H.I. For your information,… Continue reading

Radio Ruler – The Marvelous 3D Laser Sensor

You’re involve in the building construction field, and the accuracy is the most important aspect, as without the exact measurement, you’ll probably risking the residents’ life that live in the building! Don’t be frustrated, as there is a solution for you here. All you have to do is develop a “Radio Ruler”. This radio ruler is really an awesome tool, where it allows you to do these following tasks: You can use it to measure around a corner or through a wall that you cannot reach it. You may use it to locate a hole on the second floor (Even the hole as small as pin-sized). Radio ruler can be used to accurately position a pipe before you’re pouring concrete on it! The Radio Ruler has a rover screen, where is show the LASER cross hair’s exact 3D location. A sensitive digital compass provides heading and orientation information. Believe it or not, the Radio Ruler have the ability to replace those expensive GPS systems that available on the market! Beside that, the Radio Ruler has an SD card slot for… Continue reading

The Challenging Reality Battle Chess!

Do we have any Chess lovers here? To all the chess fans, no matter you’re amateur or professional, you’re going to fall in love with this “Reality Battle Chess”! According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, by having some chess battle with your family members or friends regularly, it can prevent you from getting the horrible diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Back to the topic, this Reality Battle Chess is awesome. It powered by the new PIC32 and approximately with 32 of his closest PIC16 buddies. Technically, Reality Battle Chess is a fully animated, robotic match. Two humans can play it or you can choose to play it with the PIC32. By using the raw processing capability of the PIC32, the players can simply speak out their moves and watch, as the actual chess pieces are moved y the PIC32-controlled motion control system. This Reality Battle Chess sequences are complete with lights, action and sound. The more interesting point about this Reality Battle Chess is it uses the nanoPower PIC parts, which is allowing… Continue reading

The Human Area Network – It’s More Than You Can Think!

You’re an energetic and outgoing person that love all the outdoors extreme sports? You would like a calculate sensor that can measure how much of energy you’re burned during the exercise? If you can’t find what you’re looking on the market, then it’s time to build your very own “Human Area Network”. Hold on a second, you’re wondering, “What is the uses of Human Area Network?” Good question! With this Human Area Network or it also known as “HAN”, you can measure the instantaneous acceleration in the three axes, where it’s being processed to acquire efficient curves and tell the user the energy he/she has burned during exercise. Furthermore, HAN can be a pretty good home remote controller, such as: You can use it to control the switch on/off the room lights by moving your hand from left to right, Turning the TV on with a sequence of movement, Control a video game (You can use your body as a joystick or speed wheel controller), and Measure the daily calories intake! The whole network is formed by a minimum of… Continue reading

The All-in-One Network Enabled Access Control Terminal

If you’re being told that you can have a fully control with a little help of microchip PIC32MX MCU, would you like to try it out? This project is called “Network Enabled Access Control Terminal”, where it using 32-bit Microchip PIC32MX MCU as the main processor. In this condition, it responsible with all the various sensor status, output drivers, user interface, system logic and external communication. All the above functions were being done by using the TCP/IP protocol suite! The PIC32MX is used to monitor various sensors and switches, where it’s for determining the status of access doors, activate door locks and a key lock style switch for system override in case of emergencies. Beside that, other useful features, such as an Infrared Motion sensor and a tamper sensor (It is to detect the unit, either it has been physically compromised or not). For your information, an external serial FLASH memory has been included into this project, as it for storage of unit specific configuration information and the non-volatile temporary storage. With this system, you can easily configure and control… Continue reading