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This “MAID” is totally unbelievable!

“Maria, where’s my towel?” “Maria, have you prepared the breakfast yet?” “Maria, did you watering the backyard garden?” “Maria, I can’t find my newspaper, where did you put it?” Ok, if you’re one of the few that afford to hire a MAID, then you’re very lucky. However, for those who didn’t have the ability to do it, don’t be frustrated, as this intelligent “MAID” is ready to provide the service you need here! Hehe, you must be wondered, why I bracketed the MAID word? Well, it’s because the MAID word is actually a short acronym of “Mechanized Assistant for Indian Domestic”. You know what; MAID is one of the brilliant ideas from IIT Madras Golden design challenge, as it’s an innovative new home appliance robot that helps household. By using the MAID, it becomes a robot house cleaner and performs the following tasks, such as: Floor cleaning, Floor mopping, Dust cleaning. In order to make the MAID becomes even user friendly; you might want to include these components into the project: User interface unit – It has a keypad, LCD… Continue reading

The Superb Capacitive Discharge Spot Welder – A Must Build Project For Every Home Hobbyists!

Welcomed back, guys. First of all, anyone of you here ever get involved with the capacitive discharge spot welder before? Well, for those that didn’t hear about it, then you must spare a few minutes, and read through this article… Well, we’ve talking about the characteristic of spot-welder few days ago. The capacitive discharge spot welder is a very superior device, as it provides more control than liner transformer versions. Basically, a very large capacitor is charged to a precise voltage. Then, it discharges through the material to produce a controlled cut. In most of the time, the same device is being used for spot and tab welding. If you want a simple discharge cutting, then you have to take out the controller. By simply connect the audio capacitor directly to a high current rectified DC supply; you can easily turn the discharge on and off. Plus, it’s possible for you to control the duty cycle and frequency too. For your information, this project requires a 1-Farad audio capacitor for storage, where is needed to be connected to its charge… Continue reading

The Hypersensitive Radioisotope Analyzer

Earth, our lovely homeland, is a very beautiful and mystery place. It covers with assorted natural resources and elements. Most of the elements can only be traced, if you’re having a hypersensitive equipment, such as the Radioisotope Analyzer. The radioisotope analyzer is a handheld instrument, which is used for identifying and studying sources of ionizing radiation. Basically, it processes the signal from a sensor named, “scintillation probe”. The scintillation probe is often being used to analyze, store the data and produce a graphic output known as an “energy spectrum”. The users can identify the radioisotope, based on the location and amplitude of peaks within the spectrum of one component. Frankly, this radioisotope analyzer can allow the complete system to be built in a handheld device. It includes the latest data analysis tools, the back-propagation neural network. This feature is for modeling unknown samples and comparing the measured samples! In addition, the system equipped with the following components, such as: A graphical display (graphics PICtail), Buttons for the user interface, An SD flash card socket (It responsible for storage of spectrum… Continue reading

Retrofit Engine Management System – The Savor for Older Gasoline Engines!

Nowadays, most of the typical production Automobile engine management system provides sequential fuel injection, but it’s only supplying fuel during the intake stroke of each cylinder. It seems to be very common, especially the EMS controlling the ignition and providing variable spark timing without mechanical parts to wear or break! Normally, the modern engine management system is including an “On Board Diagnostic” (OBD) capability. This feature is to give the alert to the driver, even with the smallest operating abnormalities or sensor malfunctions. However, the above feature doesn’t has in the older gasoline engine. There was no OBD (On Board Diagnostics) for the older vehicle. Most of the old version transports only had a single LED that flashes as the oxygen sensor. With the new PIC32 based “Retrofit Engine Management System”, it incorporates the full complement of modern engine management with ignition system control and fuel delivery system control. It’s a very low cost and compatible with any old type engines perfectly. Instead of the gasoline fuel, the system can be adapted to other fuels, such as Alcohol, Alcohol/Gasoline blends,… Continue reading

DIY a Multi-core Spectrum Analyzer Today!

You might have encountered various types of spectrum analyzers in your life. As you know, the common spectrum analyzer is limited with several functions, where you can use it for examining the spectral composition in electrical, acoustic or optical waveform! If you’re suggesting to buy a brand new spectrum analyzer, it’s the right time to have a peek on this multi-core spectrum analyzer. For your information, this project is fully based on the PIC32. It utilizes the processing power of three additional dsPIC33 processors. In this case, the inherent speed of the dsPIC33s will be used to perform repetitive FFT computations and provide the parallel interface with the high speed A/Ds. With the multiple cores, the processing of multiple analog input signals would become extremely fast and efficient than before! Different from other spectrum analyzer, this multi-core spectrum analyzer is going to provide a user with a low cost system, which is able to perform the following tasks: Sampling multiple channels of analog data, Computing the spectral content, and Displaying the result on a color graphical display. Beside that, the… Continue reading

iHippo – The Artificial Intelligent Toy!

If you’ve watched the Disney animated movies, “Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa”, then you must have entertained by the Hippopotamus inside the movie! I bet you also very familiar with this slogan, “I like to move it, move it” too, isn’t it? By the way, are you interested to develop a smart and interactive toy here? Well, have a closer look on this iHippo, as it’s an artificial intelligent toy. This iHippo is an amazing toy that based on the Pic32. Beside that, it contains a 223-unique and original soundbites. The five original full-length songs can be used to help your children go to sleep while the random blurbs will keep you laughing all the time. There are other interesting features about this iHippo: A smart Parental Control Interface – It provides a “block-out” window and allows the parent to program into the iHippo, by simply using a standard RS-232 interface. Wake-up alarm – It can be a useful alarm to get your children wake up in the morning. Smart light sensor – It equipped with an automatic volume control… Continue reading