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Beekeepers dream – PIC32 based bee hive monitor

If you are a beekeeper this project can be a good start towards better beekeeping. It is based on PIC32 microcontroller and has tons of sensors and interfacing that allows controlling many parameters in order to sustain near ideal conditions in a bee hive. If you know a little about bees, the probably you are aware about bee Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), when number of worker bees drops and this way rest of them aren’t able to maintain hive. So it is better to prevent this factor than fix damage later. This is where PIC32 based monitor (so called PIC’n The Beehive) comes in. It monitors ambient and hive temperatures, humidity, rain, dew point, wind speed, relative air pressure, and daylight intensity. It is also capable of measuring hive and bee weight and Mite count as well. Due to condition changes controller can ventilate hive, regulate temperature, entrance opening. It also can simulate rain to keep bees inside. All data can be accessed via multiple interfaces like USB, RS232, RF channel and even via WEB interface. This is what modern… Continue reading

PIC32 controlled automated wire feed TIG welder

It takes time to master welding process especially if talking about Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding. TIG welding is considered as high quality and precision process. The problem is that filler wire is added to the weld pool separately. Lets leave all these pros and cons to those who are doing real job with welding and see what is this project about. The idea if this project is to apply a control to TIG welding using PIC32 microcontroller which has to take care of filler a wire which is fed by stepper motor. Other nice features include ability to store welding settings to SD card where different filler wire diameters, types and and weld types can be stored. This allows microcontrolled to perform automated welding process. Selectable information is conveniently displayed on LCD menu where different welding settings can be selected. There is a very little information provided about this project, but main idea, circuits and source are provided, so who knows maybe someone will try to continue with this. Continue reading

Portable Notetaker – The Genuine Device for Blinds

Some people always blamed and complained how bad their job or life is. However, they didn’t realize that they’re a very lucky person, at least they didn’t born as a blind! Go figure, once you’re closing up your eyes for a second or minute, can you see anything else in front of you? Yeah, it’s impossible to view anything, except the all black and dark world. So, what’s the feeling, if a person was born as a blind? Isn’t it really hard and challenging to live the life as a blind person? Well, most of the blind people have no choice, but to emboss Braille dots on paper with slate and stylus. The blind people read by moving their fingers through the Braille dots from the side to side. Honestly, it’s one of the best method for the blind people to read, due to its low-cost and low-tech. However, the Braille dots have its own disadvantages. First of all, it takes longer time and larger space to write. Hand can get tired quickly, as the readers have to using force… Continue reading

MiniTron Amplifier – The High-end Vacuum Tube Stereo Amplifier

Amplifier, so simply known as ‘amp’ is a tiny but magical device that changes the amplitude of a signal. The term, “transfer function” is being used to measure the input to the output of an amplifier. While, the magnitude of the transfer function is being known as the “gain”! Amplifiers are one of the most common electronics devices, as it has over thousands of different types of amplifiers available in the market. Each of them has its own function. Amplifiers can be found in almost all of the household appliances, from the headphone amplifiers to the amplifiers that used to operate loudspeakers in PA systems. Our today’s project is related with amplifier as well. However, it’s a special one, as the MiniTron Amplifier is a high-end vacuum tube stereo amplifier with efficiency, distortion and power output. The Minitron is fully controlled by a dsPIC30F2023, as it able to create a tracking buck converter to output voltage and tracks the audio signal. Basically, the Minitron Amplifier is separated into three main subsystems, which as: A vacuum tube amplifier, A DSP controller,… Continue reading

Portable Notetaker – The Blinds Good Assistant

It’s very easy for us to write, as we only need some paper and pencil/pen. However, did you know that writing is a hard task, especially for the blinds? Thanks to Louis Braille, the father of Braille system, which is a worldwide system that being used by blind or visually impaired people for reading and writing. Technically, there is a step for reading the Braille, as the readers need to pass their fingers over characters, which are made up of an arrangement of one to six embossed points. Honestly, it’s the most effective method for the blinds to read and write, even in this 21st century. Hence, many factories have trying to develop the Braille embosser with low-cost and low-tech, making it as simple as possible for the blinds to use! However, even the traditional Braille embosser has it disadvantages, such as: It consumes longer time and larger space to write, The user’s hand is easily get tired, due to the using of force pressing stylus. The main objective of this Portable Notetaker is to develop a cheap, pocket size… Continue reading

Skype Calls – The Smart Ways to Save up More Money

Most of the internet users are very familiar with Skype, as it’s best known as one of the companies who provide the world’s cheapest voice calls over the internet! Let’s take an example. Majority of local telephone companies are charging very high calling rates, especially for the IDD calls. However, with Skype, calls to other users of the service and, in some countries, to free-of-charge numbers are free! For your information, Estonia-based developers Ahti Heinla, Priit Kasesalu and Jaan Tallinn (Long life Estonian) invented Skype! The Skype Group, which is founded by Swedish-born entrepreneur Niklas Zennstrom and the Danish Janus Friis, has its headquarter located in Luxembourg. If you’re smart internet user, you’ll find that using free Skype service at your computer to chat with your friends at different countries, is the greatest way to save the international long distance call charge! Well, in order to pick up your mobile phone to call your Skype contacts, or to receive the Skype calls when you’re away from home or office, you must consider to develop a Smart Home Base Skype enabled… Continue reading