1000 of embedded projects reviewed!

We are glad to announce that embeds.com have reviewed 1000th embedded project today. This is great chance to say thank you for visiting us and especially thanks to you who build all these projects so we could review, classify and link to full projects. Everyone can easily find, learn or simply know what can be doneĀ  with various microcontrollers in hobby level. We hope that we serve as one place some sort of database (categorization) of microcontroller projects that are scattered around the internet. Please put in comments what do you thinkĀ  about us and what would you expect in future from embeds.com? Continue reading

Embedds is looking for contributor

We are looking for a contributor (editor) to help expanding a site with more fresh daily posts. We would welcome a hobbyist that is passionate about embedded electronics and is able to write fluent English, original and reliable reviews about various microcontroller based projects found on internet. Priority is to someone who likes to do some stuff with electronics and and knows what he is writing about. People who can do this for free are always welcome, but some payment or reward is also possible. In email you should include; Short info about yourself; Couple example posts/reviews; How would you improve the site; Some motivation, why would you like to contribute. Send emails to admin@embedds.com. Continue reading