Gas Laser Science Project: A Short history & Safety

Children of every age who have to come up with an original idea for a science project typically run into the same problem every year. In fact, to them, it probably seems as if someone has built or experimented with a portion of every idea they come up with for a project. For example: The erupting volcano with streaming lava? It’s been done. Build a flying saucer that proves UFOs are possible? That’s been done too. Make a potato light up a light bulb? You guessed it – that’s also been done– many times, in fact. A New Science Project Using an Old Idea It certainly does seem like students from previous years have built – or attempted to build – every idea you’ve had for a science project, doesn’t it? You should approach the problem a bit differently in this case – have you given any thought to: ·  Recreating a previously built science project ·  Recreating a previously built technological device ·  Inventing something to solve an everyday problem Inventions always make great science projects, especially if the… Continue reading

Remote Terminal Unit for Wireless SCADA Systems

When it comes to the management of energy systems, optimal design plays a key role. The project that’s going to be described in this post relies on the usage of Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems along with remote terminal unit. The design has a large scale development of remote terminal unity which is an important part of the SCADA system. The focus of the design can be varied using Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or the Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). The benefit of using FPGA based remote terminal units is that the designer gets better encryption, radio and memory support. The innovation achieved in this model is similar to the that of the Rogowski coil and other similar models. The SCADA system requires field data interface devices which are referred to as the remote terminal unit or RTU. The RTU is able to transfer the data from the interface devices to control units. The interface is known as Tele control interface (TCI). The master terminal unit or MTU is a server collection that allows simulations to run. The… Continue reading

How will Ubuntu for Android perform in terms of gaming?

At the World Mobile Congress in 2012, there was a new arrival in the world of mobile operating systems. Ubuntu has long been known in personal computer circles and has recently become a more accessible and popular version of itself. One of the main reasons is that at this conference Ubuntu for Android was revealed. The interesting thing about Ubuntu for Android is that it offers everything that its big brother can offer. It runs alongside Android, meaning that there’s no need to switch operating systems to do different tasks, and it adapts to suit whatever you might happen to connect it to. If you wire it to a PC monitor it will adjust to become the fully featured Home PC version with no need to install or adjust anything. When connected to a TV, the OS will convert to a TV compatible version. For gaming this is huge news since it means that you can carry around your entire computer setup on a smartphone. The games you will be able to play will be limited, obviously. Ubuntu for Android… Continue reading

Your IT Equipment is Under Threat – Act Now!

The security in Los Angeles has taken a massive hit in the past few years. Cuts to law enforcement budgets mean tech businesses cannot rely on police officers to defend their properties any longer. guardNOW is on hand to fill the gap left by officers with its professional band of experienced security guards. IT Vulnerability IT companies are at risk more than most. Computing equipment is expensive, and that is not including the photocopiers, printers, televisions, and other specialized equipment that thieves can whisk away. How much does it cost a design company to replace a state-of-the-art laser-cutting machine? Well, it is best not find out by taking advantage of the services of security guard Los Angeles. They have extensive experience in defending IT companies and their valuable equipment. With over a million people served throughout the US, an excellent level of service is guaranteed. Your Choice Security Los Angeles must meet the increasing ingenuity of criminals who would seek to destroy what businesses have worked so hard to build. This is why guardNOW offers a tailored security service to… Continue reading

HP BMS Operations Manager Certification Exams

Software specific certifications allow you to validate the expertise you possess in a particular program or platform. HP’s BMS Operations Manager certification exams are available in two focuses – Unix/Linux and Windows – each of which allows you to demonstrate that you possess the knowledge and skills to work with BMS Operations Manager in a specific operating system environment. Additionally, HP offers a BMS Operations Manager certification exam to document your skills with Operations Manager’s infrastructure management software in any environment, as well as network node and end user management. The HP certification exams in the BMS Operations Manager discipline are as follows: HP0-M52 – BSM Operations Manager on UNIX and Linux 9.x Software HP0-M53 – BSM Operations Manager on Windows 9.x Software HP0-M50 – BSM Operations Manager i 9.x Software HP0-M51 – BSM Network Node Manager i 9.x Software HP0-M45 – BSM Platform and End User Management 9.x Software  Each of these HP certification exams earns you a distinct credential. In other words, by completing any one of these exams, you earn an HP Accredited Implementation Specialist Certification (AIS)… Continue reading

Playing AVI files on iPad

AVI is one of most popular video standards in internet and you would expect every platform or device to support these files. But on iPad you may fail to play them due to compatibility issues. As we know iPad supports MP4 format. You may find an app that allows playing avi files on ipad, but these apps usually have limited number of supported video formats like H.264. So if you want to watch avi video it is recommended to convert it in to proper format. You can find lots of video converters on internet that does this job pretty well. One of these is Video Converter Ultimate from They provide free version of video converter that runs on Windows and MAC. It supports multiple video formats including WMV, AVI, MP4, MKV, MOV, 3D video and HD video. With Video Converter Ultimate converted video plays on majority devices like iPhone, iPad, mobile phones and other platforms. Video converter Ultimate is not only able to convert videos from one format to another but also allows editing them by trimming, cropping, tweaking… Continue reading