Turn-key PCB assembly services in prototype quantities or low-volume to mid-volume production runs

Playing AVI files on iPad

AVI is one of most popular video standards in internet and you would expect every platform or device to support these files. But on iPad you may fail to play them due to compatibility issues. As we know iPad supports MP4 format. You may find an app that allows playing avi files on ipad, but these apps usually have limited number of supported video formats like H.264. So if you want to watch avi video it is recommended to convert it in to proper format. You can find lots of video converters on internet that does this job pretty well. One of these is Video Converter Ultimate from Aimersoft.com. They provide free version of video converter that runs on Windows and MAC. It supports multiple video formats including WMV, AVI, MP4, MKV, MOV, 3D video and HD video. With Video Converter Ultimate converted video plays on majority devices like iPhone, iPad, mobile phones and other platforms. Video converter Ultimate is not only able to convert videos from one format to another but also allows editing them by trimming, cropping, tweaking… Continue reading

Intrinsically safe mobile phones and smart phones

Mobile phones may not seem to be dangerous to use. But in specific situations you wouldn’t want to turn one on unless you are guaranteed it won’t cause a trouble. The case we are talking about is explosive risky environments. And you would be surprised how close they are near us. Garage, gas filling station fills in that category. We are not talking about working facilities where workers like to carry cell phones around. Simple drop or call may produce a spark which may lead to disaster. Some manufacturers specialize on building intrinsically safe mobile phones. They are ATEX (Atmospheres Explosibles) certified, what means that they are safe enough (we say safe enough, because no one ever can give 100% guarantee) to work in chemical, petroleum and pharmaceutical areas where gas and explosive dust may be present. What makes such devices to safe? First of all ruggedness. They have to withstand drops in order not to shatter and expose electronics. Another feature is sealing. No water, gas or dust may enter inside that may ignite. And of course proper shielding… Continue reading

Software development services for US market

There are a great number of the available software development services you can use in your work. Some of them are wide known, the others are used by just a few of the IT specialists. Still these services form the solid base for the software development in any field. You can use the services on various stages of your work, which means the definite specification for each of them, starting form the main ones created for the changes in the core of the program and being able to turn it literally upside down – and to the nearly cosmetic ones, which are made for the slightest changes, more like the finish on your sport car. The most of the services are usually used by the specialists; still some of them can be available for the general users who crave to improve their software in some way. For example, they can easily use the changes in the basic program functions in order to fix some of them and make the work easier and faster. They can push some of the functions… Continue reading

1000 of embedded projects reviewed!

We are glad to announce that embeds.com have reviewed 1000th embedded project today. This is great chance to say thank you for visiting us and especially thanks to you who build all these projects so we could review, classify and link to full projects. Everyone can easily find, learn or simply know what can be done  with various microcontrollers in hobby level. We hope that we serve as one place some sort of database (categorization) of microcontroller projects that are scattered around the internet. Please put in comments what do you think  about us and what would you expect in future from embeds.com? Continue reading

Embedds is looking for contributor

We are looking for a contributor (editor) to help expanding a site with more fresh daily posts. We would welcome a hobbyist that is passionate about embedded electronics and is able to write fluent English, original and reliable reviews about various microcontroller based projects found on internet. Priority is to someone who likes to do some stuff with electronics and and knows what he is writing about. People who can do this for free are always welcome, but some payment or reward is also possible. In email you should include; Short info about yourself; Couple example posts/reviews; How would you improve the site; Some motivation, why would you like to contribute. Send emails to admin@embedds.com. Continue reading