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Choosing the right type of internet for you

If you are thinking about getting connected at home or at work, you may be wondering which type of internet is right for you. Should you connect with ADSL, or skip getting a phone line installed and opt for Naked DSL? Can you connect to the NBN? Or should you choose mobile broadband for more freedom? ADSL ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) provides broadband accessvia copper telephone lines. Unlike in the days of dial-up, ADSL users can connect to the internet while using the phone line. To connect to ADSL, you must be within a certain distance from the exchange. The further you are from the exchange, the slower your internet access is likely to be. Naked DSL Naked DSL uses the same technology as ADSL, providing broadband access via copper phone lines, however, with Naked DSL you don’t need to pay for a phone line. This can save you money on paying for line rental, and you can still make calls using VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Similar to ADSL, you will need to be within a certain distance… Continue reading

Home Hints for A Stain Proof Life

It’s an easy question – what would you do if you found a stain on your favorite shirt? I’m sure most of you would first swear, and then run for the detergent. As long as the stains warrant something as harsh as a detergent, it’s fine. However, there is so much that you can know more about common stains and removing them, that your over reliance on detergents will appear naïve to you. Here, I share some of the most useful stain removal tips that I’ve gathered in the past few years of living a life in a household with kids, the worse carriers of stains. Common Stains, And How to Remove Them Sweat stains, deodorants, and blood – These are certainly among the common and sticky stains that one is likely to face. After initial water treatment, it might help to add salt on top of the wet stained portion for the staining chemicals to leech into the salt particles. Since you will find salt pretty easily, it makes for a good stain removal tip to remember. So, the… Continue reading

How SalvageData salvaged my business trip in Chicago

It’s amazing how things have their own way of turning out, irrespective of how well you plan ahead for them. My business trips always tend to be great lessons about the importance of not assuming anything and preempting situations. My travel to Chicago for an all-important client presentation about my company’s manufacturing capabilities proved to be no different, and I was soon struggling with troubles I’d not anticipated earlier. Problem with my Drive It was only a stroke of luck when I thought I’d go through my final edit in Chicago rather than waiting for reaching New York where the presentation was supposed to happen a week later. I had barely plugged my portable hard drive into the laptop through its cable when I noticed how it was taking longer than usual for the laptop to detect the drive. My heart was in my mouth as the wait grew longer. It was only when a strange gurgling sound started coming out from the hard drive that I realized that trouble had struck. It was with a heart dripping with fear… Continue reading

Review of 2013 and meeting 2014

Hello embedds.com readers. Hope you had a great 2013. This is not a tradition to do last year review, but at some point this might be interesting to for me and for some of you. So lets do a quick look at what we have here. First of all we currently have over 2480 post here in embedds.com. We also have collected over 1650 comments. Most of posts are reviews of embedded project found on internet. Short project reviews was the main goal of our site. We try to post at least one review per day and seems we are still keeping this promise. From the current point of view we see that many websites are doing something similar – they find something cool, make note about this on their blog and give a link to original source. We hope that reviews are not just website filler, but also benefit to some of you as quick categorized project database/look-up. When you run out of project ideas or need to find whats already done then why not to look at it.… Continue reading

Gas Laser Science Project: A Short history & Safety

Children of every age who have to come up with an original idea for a science project typically run into the same problem every year. In fact, to them, it probably seems as if someone has built or experimented with a portion of every idea they come up with for a project. For example: The erupting volcano with streaming lava? It’s been done. Build a flying saucer that proves UFOs are possible? That’s been done too. Make a potato light up a light bulb? You guessed it – that’s also been done– many times, in fact. A New Science Project Using an Old Idea It certainly does seem like students from previous years have built – or attempted to build – every idea you’ve had for a science project, doesn’t it? You should approach the problem a bit differently in this case – have you given any thought to: ·  Recreating a previously built science project ·  Recreating a previously built technological device ·  Inventing something to solve an everyday problem Inventions always make great science projects, especially if the… Continue reading