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Controlling lamp over Internet using Raspberry Pi

Raspberry is a great small computer that allows us easy control and internet access with just few lines of code. Jack wrote a pretty simple project where he switches objects from anywhere in the world. For his implementation he uses a remotely controlled outlet where his lamp is plugged. So he hooks Raspberry Pi to remote control by using standard 2N2222A transistors as switches. The rest is done within Raspberry Pi software. First of all he made a simple web template for turning ON and OFF. Then he set a web-server using Flask – a web development framework based on Python. It turned out pretty simple and effective solution. He set control page as home page on his Android device so he could instantly access and turn ON and OFF… Continue reading

Making old TV smart with Raspberry Pi

If you look around TVs in market you will find that most of them have lots of features. Most of them have USB port allowing to play movies from Flash media, internet access and much more. But most TVs at home are older that lack those features. And if you don’t want to throw away a good TV for a smart, then make it smarter. Tony had a spare Raspberry Pi which he installed in to his LED TV. There are quite technical issues he had to deal with. First of all – power supply. He had to find 5V voltage that stays even when TV is turned OFF (but plugged). Second thing connectors USB and LAN connectors. In order to make them accessible, he removed one speaker and instead… Continue reading

Driving large LED display with Raspberry Pi

Having Raspberry Pi power it would be shame to drive few LEDs. How about 128×32 LED sign board? Jon purchased a stack of red LED display modules and put the min to large sign. He chained them by using shift register. This way he was free from limits in building and controlling. He didn’t use any fancy software tricks and stuck with two bits per pixel resolution what allowed him to reach 400fps. Bar graph spectrum looks really responsive. Led sign draws significant amount of power. But PC power supply unit seems to take care. In order to make better GPIO performance, code is written in C rather than python. We know that C GPIO library allows much faster GPIO triggering what is needed to send frame data serially. There… Continue reading

High tech Fishtank

So you got an aquarium with some fish. Few days things may look interesting like feeding, adjusting the look and position. But in time it starts to be just another routine. But things can be different if you make aquarium stuffed electronics. So Hayden decided to make it really great fish-tank with long list of features. Among features you can find: automatic feeding timer enabled LED lights; matrix display with scrolling messages; ultrasonic depth monitor; thermometer; LCD; underwater cam; speaker; filter and buble control using servo; web based monitor and control; custom messages and voice. These things are possible with couple boards: Arduino Mega and Raspberry Pi. Arduino practically takes care of controlling things while Raspberry Pi enables web interface and sends commands to Arduino. How about that for a… Continue reading

Power back-up for Raspberry Pi

If you are doing continuous tasks with Raspberry Pi like logging, calculating or controlling things, then you shouldn’t rely only on power adapter. If main power fails, your device will also fail and there will be no excuse of you loose your data and work progress. In such cases you should take care of power back-up. Repairhub suggests his battery power backup system for raspberry Pi. This is actually an external circuit attached to boards GPIO power and control pins. His circuit does the following: charges battery when mains is on; generates signal to GPIO when power goes off; software detects power down and few minutes shuts down computer; after shutdown power circuit is shut off to preserve battery from discharging; pi logs events with timestamps. Circuit detects power off… Continue reading

Home automation system using Raspberry Pi

Well, again it’s an Internet of Things, based projected mainly built around Raspberry Pie which is a low-cost single-board computer and was mainly designed to teach programming to the student of United States. A GarageMote was developed, that is a garage door controller shield that can be operated remotely using web or even your smartphone from around the world. The hardware is simplistic, the shield has a small relay, a diode, and 2 resistors. The 8 pin header has connections for 2 Hall Effect sensors and the door opener. The good thing, about the project, that entire code- schematics, and eve the API’s are all easily available to download and changed can be made based on your application if you have some knowledge about the PIE. A sender Moteino can… Continue reading