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Tutorial on how to control Servo with BeagleBone Black using WEB interface

When you make your device with web access, you get a new way of controlling stuff. With boards like BeagleBone Black avoiding to using web access have no excuse. Anyway for starters this might look a bit complex, but why scratch your head – try to find a good tutorial to follow. Babak wrote pretty extensive tutorial on how to set up a servo control via HTML5/JavaScript web client. BeagleBone is accessed by using Websocket connection to small server. Then server interprets data and sends PWM to drive servo motor. If you would like to dig deeper there is a GitHub page where you can find latest source codes and library for driving PWM. Continue reading

Raspberry PI based tablet sounds great

You can get pretty powerful tablet for less than $50 but DIY Raspberry Pi tablet beats them off. Michael Castor build one that looks awesome. He routed wooden case with CNC machine where he put the parts he collected through the year. He used 10.1” LCD display with touch screen. Touch interface is connected to USB port. Raspberry Pi tablet is powered with 10Ah battery which gives approximately 6hours of use. There are few things that might be improved or included. One of them camera – its pretty hard to include camera module in front, but why not in back. Other things are related to touch that doesn’t want to work correctly from RaspBMC. Since there is programmable I/O, why not including several more sensors? The name “PiPAd” also sounds… Continue reading

Raspberry Pi picture frame with motion detection

Photo frames may be a great way of displaying images. Instead of static photos, they can cycle through bunch of them that keeps your attention for again and again. If it updates photos automatically from sources like Flickr then its better. Samuel got a Raspberry Pi from his girlfriend and so wanted to make something for her. So he decided that active photo frame should be nice. So he build pretty fun device which keeps updating photos from Instagram and Flickr. Another great feature is motion detection, which turns LCD once somebody closes in. Photo frame parts include USB based WiFi adapter which allows connecting RasPi to the Internet. A simple passive PIR sensor serves as motion detector. It is attached to Raspberry Pi GPIO. Photos are updated by using… Continue reading

Building low cost HD surveillance camera with Raspberry Pi

Decent surveillance camera setup is quite costly and probably not worth for personal use. Anyway there is always alternative. With cheap Raspberry Pi and camera module you can build customizable surveillance camera that will record HD video. Since Raspberry Pi is a Linux machine, you can do lots of crazy stuff with it. Scavix have written a guide how to set up a camera that would stream live video to web and would be triggered to record on motion detection. The setup is pretty straight forward. It uses all accessible parts like Raspberri Pi with camera module, small USB based WiFi adapter, SD flash card and micro SUB power adapter. And proper case especially if camera is used outdoors. He used open source software for detecting motion (which is also… Continue reading

Raspberry Pi based car MP3 player

Raspberry Pi can serve as great base for many cool projects. Since it has audio and video output it makes no problem to build a media player. Having this in mind sentcool built pretty cool car audio player. His setup uses cheap LCD display with video input – all you need is to connect it to RasPi using RCA cable. For audio he also used ready made audio amplifier. After initial tests he found out that car produces significant noise to audio signal. So he added noise filter. He was thinking about touch screen controls, but figured out that it would increase overall cost. Instead he hooked several buttons to GPIO. The rest work was to put it al together in to wooden panel that would fit nicely in to… Continue reading

Controlling AC and blinds with Raspberry Pi

If anything can be automated then it should be. Chris has an AC which has to be turned ON and OFF with remote. Also he finds annoying task to roll the blinds by tugging a chord. So he found a better solution to get rid of those periodic tasks. Luckily AC and blinds are close to each other, so he put a Raspberry Pi which is connected wirelessly to network. In order to control blinds, he used a stepper motor attached to roller shaft. Motor is driven by using easystepper motor driver. Since Air Conditioner is controller with remote. He attached IR diode and IR receiver to Raspberry Pi. Receiver is used to record IR signal from original remote in raw format. Then signal is transmitter through IR diode when… Continue reading