ChipKIT – PIC32 with Arduino taste

Arduino has strong positions in hobby market. Their strategy is really simple – everything works out of a box. Speaking of development boards – they are open source with unified pin layout that allow plugging multiple extension (shield) boards. Development software is also open, works on major platforms including Windows, Linux and MacOSX. But probably the winning factor is that arduino is rich in libraries allowing easy code writing without knowing whats going on inside chip. Original Arduino boards are based on Atmel AVR 8-bit microcontrollers that are limited in processing power and even more in Flash and SRAM . Additionally Arduino libraries are written to be easy usable with sacrifice of performance. If you tried to develop more time critical apps then you know that Arduino’s don’t shine in… Continue reading

ChipKIT Uno32 based VGA Pong game

Probably you’re already familiar with ChipKIT boards that are Arduino shield compatible also can be programmed using modified Arduino IDE. These boards are great resource for those who are looking for better performance and more features comparing to Arduino. So here is a classic Pong game developed under ChipKIT Uno32 platform. It generates color VGA signal through resistor based digital to analog converter assembled on a breadbord. As Pong generally is two player game there are two potentiometers for control and two 7 segment LED indicators (for score) dedicated for each player. Continue reading