The Smart Garage Parking Assistant Means No More Bang Bang Sound!

Are you always having the problem to park your car inside the garage? You just don’t know where the limit is and often gets the car banging on the garage’s door? Ok, you did feel the frustration and would like to get rid of this problem as soon as possible. Well, this “Garage parking Assistant” might be the permanent solution for you here! The specialty about this system is it can give you the right signal with a traffic-light style display of when to pull in (Green light), slow down (Yellow light) and Stop signal (Red signal). These lights will ease the parking work for sure! There are four different zones for this project and each of the zones has the different function. Zone 1: This zones close to the… Continue reading

DIY a Spooky Hack-O-Latern with Song LED Flashing!

Do you having any special plan for the upcoming Halloween festival? Well, you might be thinking, “Nah, is still too early for it…” However, this is the best chance for you to practice your PIC controller knowledge, by DIY a “Hack-O-Lantern”. Before you starting the project, those components you need to prepare here are: Super Bright LEDs, which means you can keeps the Dim LEDs away from this project A Parallax Basic Stamp 2 Microcontroller Board Some nails, which it can be used to hold the micro-controller board onto the side of the pumpkin Computer speaker that will act as an amplifier Sharp knives, and of course A big and round Pumpkin! Ok, firstly, you have to carve your pumpkin and it’s totally depends on your creativity; whether you want… Continue reading

Eigenbau – The Intelligent Robot Spider

Do you wish to have a “Giant electronic Spider” crawling and bringing some fun to your home? If you’re answered yes, then let’s meet this incredible “Eigenbau” Robot Spider. You need to have these following materials for making this “Eigenbau” Spider: Javelin Stamp microcontroller with Ubicom Sx48AC One ultrasonic sensor with Deva-tech SRF04 Two sensors with micro-switches A Micro servo to the pan of ultrasonic sensor Three Standard Model servos for the musculoskeletal purpose This Eigenbau is well-programmed with Javelin Stamp microcontroller, which the three main tasks: Review or control of the ultrasonic sensor and the sensor Calculate the action, whether is to be forward, flight or Dodge, which based on the sensor data Control of the three servos for the musculoskeletal, where it’s mainly according to the require action… Continue reading

Explore Low Earth Orbit with Satellite tracker

This project can be useful if you are trying to point you antenna to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite. Why do it manually if you can leave this job to automatic tracker based on microcontroller. The brain of this tracker is a Paralax basic STAMP II, which decodes satellite coordinates (azimuth and elevation) sent by tracking program. It also controls DC motor based rotators that positions antenna. Continue reading

How to drive bipolar stepper motor with basic stamp

Bipolar stepper motors are common in printers. They are different from unipolar steppers. Bipolar steppers usually have four wires (while unipolar 5). Bipolar stepper motors can be driven by using H-bridge circuit like SN754410 from Texas Instruments. One SN754410 IC can drive single bipolar stepper motor. In this example you may see two of them, so each motor is controlled via separate H-bridge IC. Whole circuit is built around Basic Stamp BX-24 which can be programmed by using Basic language. Sample source code is available for testing. Continue reading