How do I Convert a HEIC to PDF on Mac?

After iOS 11, Apple released a new image format for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac – HEIC. And all the photos taken are saved in this format.  But the disadvantage is that they are not readable on devices supporting Android or Windows.  Therefore, it is better to convert images to PDF format so they can be opened on all devices. Continue reading

Ways To Assist Your Senior Parents As They Age

If your parents did a great job raising you, it’s easy to understand the passage of the roles over time.  When your parents get old, you do what you can to give back, and take good care of them too.  Knowing how you can make the best impact on their lives can be the challenging part.   There’s no clear formula for adjusting to the shifting of life roles, but there are plenty of excellent suggestions to get you on your way.  Take a moment now to read through a few quick tips on various ways you can work to assist your parents as they take on the senior years of their lives.   Continue reading

Can therapy help with Borderline Personality Disorder?

 People who have borderline personality disorder usually have difficulties controlling their impulses and emotions, and it’s hard for them to keep any relationships. They often experience feelings of emptiness, experience quick changes in mood, and sometimes harm themselves. Part of their difficulties is formed by problems in coping with abandonment and a quickly changing view of other people around them. These things make it increasingly hard for people with a borderline personality disorder to go through with any treatment they are offered. And if they can engage, they quickly find it hard to stick with the therapy and leave before the treatment has ended. Some types of psychological treatment, like talk therapies, have emerged in recent years to try and help people with such disorders.  There are a wide variety of treatments for borderline personality disorder. Let’s walk through the treatments that seem to work best and everything there is to know about the available options. Continue reading

Using Software to Boost Business Efficiency: A Short Guide

There is no doubt that a new and innovative age of software automation — driven partly by AI and machine learning breakthroughs — is already upon us. In the 2010s, developments in business process software created a number of solutions to drive efficiency in business. It seems certain that efficiency will remain an important priority of software and automation in the 2020s, too. As such, here are some tips to keep your company abreast of all the most important developments in business-boosting software. These will help your company improve its efficiency and ultimately boost its profits in the long term. Continue reading

Just How Much Is Your Old Phone Worth?


So you’ve treated yourself to a new model of phone, and now your old phone is just sitting around in a drawer at home, unused. Why not sell it to make some money for yourself, rather than letting it gather dust and cobwebs? There’s definitely a market for used iPhones and smartphones right now, especially with people upgrading their model every year or two and being left with a perfectly functional phone that’s just not being used. But you’re probably wondering, just how much money is your old phone worth? Should you sell it on, and how much money could you really get for your old phone? Whether you’re thinking of selling your old Apple, Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy or Huawei phone, here’s your complete guide to working out the value of your old used phone.   Your Old Phone Could Bring in a Nice Sum of Money You may not know it, but your old phone could bring you a decent amount of money if you decide to sell it on. A bit of extra cash always sounds good! How… Continue reading

5 AVR Microcontroller Projects for Students

Engineering students who are keen to learn and explore more often and search for easy-to-teach projects can give them some confidence in what they have learned so far. For the students of technology, we are enlisting almost fifteen AVR Projects that they can try to build. It will be helpful for their studies and research as well. But keep in mind that here we will give only a brief introduction and explanation of the project. We won’t provide you with any diagram or other technical information. This article is just for reference purpose only. Temperature Controlled Motor This temperature-controlled motor application can be seen in our daily use appliances like Air conditioners, Refrigerators, CPU fans, and many more. This simple project works on the simple principle that if the temperature is greater than a certain value defined by the user, the motor will turn on. You can think about more applications for this Microcontroller project, like you can keep the living room temperature at a certain limit. As the temperature goes up, the fan or exhaust fan will turn on,… Continue reading