Various code examples for NXP microcontrollers

IAR Systems community have collected several code examples for NXP LPC2000 microcontroller series. Code snippets allow to adapt to IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM much quicker. Most of code is written for various evaluation kits, but code also may be adapted to any ARM board.   Code collection include examples of IO, LCD, timers, USART, USB, External memory, Interrupts and more. All projects are packed in separate archives for convenient download and use. Continue reading

Single board VGA computer on LPC2138

Peter Jakacki have designed this single board solution for Philips ARM design contest couple years ago. ARM7 LPC2138 microcontroller is used to run VGA monitor, keyboard and mouse.   Board is capable to drive 8 different color 192 pixels per line for over all 240 lines. Image generation fits standard 640×480 timings. System is capable to understand Forth commands. Simplest way is to connect board to RS232 terminal and send commands which are immediately executed. You will find several demos in documentation. Continue reading

GLCD clock driven by LPC2106

Thomas Martin have this nice project in his collection. He attached KS0108 graphical 128×64 LCD to LPC2106. Time has been synchronized with DCF77 receiver which accepts standard time from PTB. Also microcontroller reads temperature from DS18x20 temperature sensor via one wire interface.   Graphical LCD contrast is controlled by PWM signal. Menu is scrolled with mechanical rotary encoder with one button for enter. Design board is plugged to dev-board (LPC-P1) from Olimex. Source code is written for WinARM. As LPC-P1 development board is no longer available in market – it can be replaced with LPC-P2106 with small modifications in software. Continue reading