Netduino – .NET Micro Framework board

Arduino has been inspiring lots of projects. So, this one, so called netduino, seems interesting as it is .Net Micro Framework based development board and is open source as well. This means you can program it by using .NNET programming technology that include lots of features like multithreading, event based programming, debugging and more. Board includes a 32 bit Atmel ARM7 microcontroller with 128KB Flash and 30KB RAM. It has a list of features that are far ahead comparing to regular Arduino. So if you need more power to perform more complex applications consider using this one. And yes – it is compatible to standard Arduino shields. Continue reading

DIY ARM7 game console

Building games is one of most passionate activities especially if this involves developing hardware itself. And you know – game system doesn’t have to be shiny and crowded with lots of elements on fine PCB. Simply this can be done on a prototyping board with a bunch wires. This game console has an Atmel ARM7 microcontroller AT91R40008 that is capable of running at 100MHz if overclocked. Arm processor gives enough processing power to run simple games like Super Mario but to make higher resolution VGA image (224×240 and 256colors) there is more RAM and more resources needed. So there is also a PIC18F4682 microcontroller used that only takes care of generating VGA signals and addressing additional dual-port Ram. Game itself is stored on SD card. Despite the fact that console… Continue reading

LCP2138 controlled inertial robot

This project represents a one-wheeled rolling robot that runs by using inertia moment. It has two actuators – driving and steering. Robot is also capable to perform reconnaissance and cooperative tasks. Mechanics is pretty simple – inertial driving force is created by attaching a mass to DC electric motor. Inertial allows not only drive but also jump over obstacles if necessary. Steering is provided by using servo motor which actually tilts axis of rotation. Robot is controlled by LPC2138 Arm microcontroller which is a part of Keil MCB2130 evaluation board. Microcontroller as usually generates PWM waveform to drive motors. Using an ARM microcontroller there are lots of room left for improvements like adding additional sensors like gyros, accelerometers or other intelligence. Continue reading

NXP ARM Cortex M0 based Wikipedia reader

This project appears to be very impressive and useful especially if you like to keep eye on Wikipedia. Actually this is an offline reader that renders offline xml dumps in to readable text. Device is built on NXP ARM Cortex microcontroller (LPC1114) that is capable of running at 72 MHz and has 32K flash along with 8K SRAM. Information is displayed on inexpensive touch screen LCD based on ILI9325. Wikipedia xml dumps are stored in microSD card. Schematics aren’t ready yet but author promises them soon after some polishing. Continue reading

Audio effects on mbed platform

Mbed platform is based on LPC1768 microcontroller which has a great power to perform most signal processing in audio level. Current effect generator is fairly simple as it uses a standard electret microphone that is connected through several stages of OP amps operating as buffer, amplifier and low pass filter (10-15kHz). Then signal enters a microcontroller for some processing. And then signal leaves microcontroller via DAC  to output amps. Effect platform is doing great job. It can do simple tasks like delay, echoing. For more audio effects there is more complex signal processing needed like FFT and digital filtering where DSP processor would be better choice. But still mbed platform is quite powerful to try more. Continue reading