LPC2132 remote cabin monitor

If you have some property located remotely without telephone you probably still want to ensure its security. Remote Cabin Monitor (RCM) was designed to keep an eye on property and send messages via shortwave link. Glen Worstell have put a system out of LPC2132 based ARM board (KEI MCB2130) and some external components so he could perform following control operations: periodically enable radio system so it could listen for incoming commands. Then decode received DSP signals, read parameters like battery level, perimeter breach, temperature, bilge pump and then transmit status message back. Continue reading

Netduino based gaming platform

Probably you are familiar with Netduino hardware. It is an open source 32-bit MCU based platform which can be programmed using .NET Micro Framework. Its like Arduino but more powerful as it is ARM powered. So couple of friends (Fabien and Bertrand) have designed a game console along with software framework. It allows fast step in in to game development. Programing language is C# which makes great resource for learning new stuff. Game expansion PCB for Netduino has 2 analog joystics, 8×8 LED matrix, speaker, SD card reader. It can be battery or wall adapter powered. Wouldn’t mind a better screen resolution instead 8×8, but still this should be fun playing with. This is an open source/hardware project which seems to be actively maintained. Continue reading

Versaloon – multifunctional USB platform

This might be great tool for makers and hackers. This STM32F203 based board is using a generic USB_TO_XXX protocol and is able to provide over 10 useful interfaces like JTAG, SWD, SPI, IIC. Despite various direct protocols it also gives more advanced functionality like timing control, pooling, nesting and other high level functions. This is a great starting point for various devices like logic analyzers, probes, scopes, programmers – and even more with additional circuits. Project is open-source and is available in KiCAD format. Continue reading

Mini-STM32 WAVE Audio Player

The first time I saw the page where this project was showcased I was a little lost – not much detail is given just a picture, a video, a comment field and a bunch of links. So what did I found out about it? Just the thought that this guy yus is trying to build something similar to a common gadget sold in every mall in our country but with a twist of electronic brilliance. The Mini-STM32 WAVE Audio Player is jam packed with an STM32F103RB – a 32 bit ARM based microcontroller, a 320×240 pixel 2.8 inch color LCD and a compilation of various codes that would keep you wondering how Yus came up with it. The color LCD is used to display the power spectrum view of the… Continue reading

Interactive detecting power grid load

Well this sounds interesting and seems it is even more actual. Humanity consumes more and more energy every day. When talking about electrical energy – we still depend on electricity that isn’t clean. So why not to start saving. This project won’t lower your electrical bills but will help to save mother Earth a bit. Circuit simply tries to detect when power grid is on a heavy load and delays switching on non crucial devices until high-load period passes. From technical point of view it is enough to monitor AC frequency. If it drops a little below normal 50Hz (or 60Hz) then it indicates that line is loaded and generators feel some brake that tries to stop them. This task is led for Olimex LPC-2478-STK with ARM7 processor. It is… Continue reading