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Smallest and cheapest 32bit 3D game console with sound

Wells as title says it is really impressive work that is based on one of the smallest ARM Cortex M0 LPC111x microcontroller that is priced around $1. With only few components like resistors, capacitors and crystal it is able to produce 256 color 320×240 composite or s-video signal and 8bit 15kHz stereo audio. Game can be controlled with one analog joystick. The most fun part is that graphics can be run in 3D along with sound. Source for the LPCXpresso/Eclipse project is posted on https://sourceforge.net/projects/rbox/. Enjoy! Continue reading

BeagleBoard linux platform

Have you heard about BeagleBoard? If not then it is an open source single board computer with high performance OMAP3 (ARM-Cortex A8) processor that runs at 720MHz. Board is equipped with 2GB NAND and SRAM that is more than enough to run Linux applications. In this project you can go through the process of building a Linux platform with Touch display and battery pack what makes a device fully functional handheld portable device. The tutorial includes soldering required pins for BeagleTouch display and BeagleJuice battery pack. The Linux are booted from preformatted SD card. The interesting part of this is that assembling Beagleboard is compared to Arduino touchshield assembly. Continue reading