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Monitor temperature on your web page with ThingSpeak

This project is build around mbed platform which features LPC1768 ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller. IT reads temperature from DS1620 IC. mbed reads correct time values via Network Time Protocol (NTP) and then logs temperature values to ThingSpeak. ThingSpeak is a great and open application platform that allows users to upload various data by using a web service. It already provides a nice chart API that can be embedded in to your web page for real time data visualization. Check out for more ways to send data to ThingSpeak. Continue reading

SmartLCD – interfacing LCDs with fun

Probably you’ve noticed that almost all gadgets are equipped with LCD and in most cases it is graphical. Broken cell phones, cameras, and MP3 players can be great source of high quality LCDs. One problem – these can be hard and time consuming to code and hardware crack. You may need a logic analyzer and tons of patience. to make things easier you can use smart LCD – a great tool that stands between TFT display and your platform – say Arduino. Smart LCD is based on ARM Cortex M0/M3 which provides all necessary graphics LCD interfacing and processing. So commands to LCD can be sent via serial interface. So any serial interface may do the job including your MCU project, USB or any other serial data source. SmartLCD can be found in https://sourceforge.net/projects/smartlcd/. Continue reading

NTSC Thin client on STM32

This thin client was developed by David Cranor who actually decided to move from lower level microcontrollers like AVR to STM32F. Actually STM32F is 32bit ARM Cortex MCU that lifts projects to new level. This is his first project that implements thin client which is capable to receive serial data and read PC/2 keyboard and display contents on NTSC TV by using 480×240 frame buffer. Next plan is to make color display instead of BW. I’d say great little board with big potential. Continue reading

Open hardware graphing calculator

There are plenty professional graphing calculators around that may satisfy your needs. But if you want more then there is no problem at all. Check out this graphical calculator with large touchscreen. Calculator is powered by Beagle Board which is based on Arm Cortex A8 microcontroller. Calculator runs a linux where R software takes care of statistical computing. It also handles graphs and plots with lots of parameters. Sounds like real fun. Continue reading

Guitar effects shield for Maple

Maple is a STM32 ARM Cortex-M3 processor based development system that is compatible to standard Arduino shields. Using Maple board is really handy when more processing power is needed like for simple Audio effects. In this project there is a real-time audio processing implemented with help of guitar effect shield. Maple board gives a maximum 11.8 bit resolution to do real time 20kHz sampling which is quite enough to do awesome stuff with signals. The actual shield contains input and output low-pass filters and variable gain amplifier. So connect input to guitar and output to headphones or further amplifier and enjoy the play. Continue reading

Solve interactive puzzles with GLiP

People love puzzles because they are good brain practice and fun of course. There are lots of puzzle types everyone can find their favorite. Anyway there is always a place for something new like this GLiP – a puzzle made of small blocks of distributed animation. These blocks acts as separate units and can display text, logos or animations. But probably more interesting thing happens when they are positioned side by side. Each block communicates via infrared interface. Each block has its own STM32F105 ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller – so enough power to do many amazing things. Continue reading