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Simple Arduino bot

Building bots can be fun. Especially when you don’t have to deal with electronics very much. Just grab an Arduino board, mount  it with several additional components as SN754410 H-bridge motor driver chip. Put couple DC motors with wheels mounted. Just few lines of code and you are ready to buzz. Simple, easy, fast and great fun – especially when doing it with kids. Continue reading

DIY real world Gmail notifier

Various event notifiers are becoming more and more popular. So why not to have one for Gmail. Isn’t it a great idea to have a light cube standing on your table and attracting your attention when ever you get email. Physical Gmail notifier consists of three major parts: Software on PC side; Controller hardware; Firmware on controller Controller hardware is nothing more than Arduino board. If you have one, then consider half project to be finished. As output device you can use anything like lights, sounds, etc. In this case there is a simple LED cube used which actually looks cool. Arduino board communicates with PC via serial cable. It’s a simple loop that checks if there is new mail or not.  On computer side a Python scripts is running, which communicates with arduino board via serial port and talks to Gmail server to determine if there is a new mail received. That’s it. If you get lots of emails you can prepare to dance with flashing light 🙂 Continue reading