The Sophisticated Closed Loop Laser Projector

Do you have interested on laser projector and always wondering how does it work? You maybe think that developing a laser projector project will cost you a lot of money. Ok, if you are being told that you could create a lost cost laser projector, would you like to build one for yourself here? The main objective of this laser projector is to create a character projector, which it can be used to interface to a mobile device or even linked to a PC via a serial port. By simply switching on and off a laser beam, it will be reflected off a rotating polygonal mirror and it’s possible to display dot matrix style text onto any surface. Continue reading

A Magnificent X-Y Plotter

Do you wish to have an X-Y Plotter, which it operates in two axes of motion (the ‘X’ and ‘Y’) by helping you to draw those continuous vector graphics? Since most of the standard plotters only has one control “Y” axis, this additional “X” axis will bring a big different. Today, you will have the chance to create your very own X-Y plotter, but it does need a little bit modification by yourself. If you have limited budget, you can uses those components that were salvaged from any types of old scanners, but the amount must be in a pair. Those components that needed for this project are: Belts Motors Driver boards Stepper motors When you’re combined all the above components, it will give you a resolution of 16 micrometers per step, which is a whole lot better accuracy than what you expected here. Continue reading

Temperature controller with IR connectivity

This temperature may look like several dozens thermostats that measure temperature and performs some action (switches relay) when temperature threshold is reached. Actually this is what this one does – it activates a relay with fan connected when temperature reaches 40ºC. There is another thing what makes this device little bit different from others – it accepts TV remote control commands. By pressing 1, 2, 3 and 4 buttons each of four relays can be turned ON/OFF manually. Design is based on AT89C51 microcontroller which reads LM35 temperature sensor data via ADC0804 ADC. Compares temperature value to given threshold and in case of alarm it sends relay activation signal via ULN2003 Darlington transistor array chip. Grab project files, build and keep things cool. Continue reading

Nokia 3310 scope project

Nokia 3310 graphical display seems to be very popular among embedded hobbyists. Probably because of it’s availability, lots of examples over the internet and simplicity of interfacing. Wichit Sirichote has developed simple scope application by using his project 8051SBC board. Interfacing of display is very simple as it uses serial interface. The only thing you should take care when using 5V logic is to reduce LCD voltage to 3V level. This can be simply done by using two general purpose diodes connected in series. This provides approximately 1.4V drop. Source code is available for your experiments. Also you can see live action of this simple scope in this video. Of course this scope can’t assure you proper characteristics but this example gives you great info about interfacing 3310 LCD. Continue reading