Smart E-Touch – The Remarkable Touchscreen-based User Interface

Maybe some of you here have been involved with the touchscreen, but how far do you think that you’re familiar with it? By the way, would you mind to spend a few minutes and develop this Smart E-Touch? The main objective of this project is to design an E-Field that based on a Motorola microcontroller. For your information, this project is based on a Motorola Nitron QY4 microcontroller. Honestly, this is an intelligent, low cost and dual E-Field sensed touchscreen design. By using the Smart E-Touch, you’re able to: Utilize the capabilities of the new Motorola E-field sensor. Implement a simple user interface design using the Motorola Nitron QY4 microcontroller. Design the user interface with lower cost. Insert a unique breakthrough concept in user interface design. The main reason why the Motorola Nitron QY4 microcontroller is being used in this project is to monitor and control a pair of MC33794 E-field sensors. In other hand, the E-field sensors will be used to monitor an XY grid on a PCB for the capacitive sensing of the touchscreen. An XY coordinate is… Continue reading

Wheelchair Detection System – The Best Gift For The Disabled People!

Honestly, we all should be grateful, as we’re born with a healthy body. Have a closer look on those disabled people; most of them were suffering from different levels of disabilities. Although they also have try their best to live as a normal human being, but they still need many supports from us! Have you ever heard about one idiom here that “Sharing is caring”? If you do care about the unfortunate ones, then you should do something to help them have a better life! In this case, the artificial intelligent Wheelchair Detection System might be the perfect solution. This device is well-designed to aim the disabled people in their daily life. For your information, the system can be tuned to object size and allows a door to be automatically opened for wheelchairs. Beside that, it can also be used to detect the presence of a person when a building or object is closed. It acts as a warning system to let the security know that someone is there. The total production cost for this Wheelchair Detection System is quite… Continue reading

NTSC Video Based On 68HC908QY4

For those that love to get involved with video related stuffs, you should better stop by for a few minutes and read on this article… Today’s project is all about the NTSC Video based on the Motorola 68HC908QY4. Most of the home hobbyists discovered that the Motorola 68HC908QY4 is a very useful component, as a result it mostly being used to produce an NTSC video signal. The reason why interrupt timer is used in the Motorola 68HC908QY4 is to generate an interrupt every 455 bus cycles in an interrupt rate of 15.734 KHz. Normally, the interrupts that occur in the middle of a multi-cycle instructions are not recognized until the instruction is already completed. There’s something you should know here that all of the sync functions are fully-performed during the interrupt, and the interrupt routine will return to the start of the NOP table afterward. Basically, the Motorola 68HC908QY4 is being applied into NTSC Video, where it can be used to produce NTSC sync for applications. Let’s take an example, an NTSC test-pattern generator can produce some simple test patterns… Continue reading

The Fantastic Digital Contactless MultiChannel Capacitance Level Sensor

Well, it might sound a little bit lengthy for you here, but this digital contactless multichannel capacitance level sensor is a remarkable system tool, where it has been specially designed for industrial. Basically, it has been used to detect liquid in the tubes of a pump or home automation applications (Example like laundry washer, water supply system). Furthermore, it also can be used as a multi channel, where some of the similar analyzing points are required. Here’s how the system works: The level sensor will detect the liquid level in a cylindrical, nonconducting vessel, where is covered by two identical, symmetrical plates. Then, the liquid level and dimension of the capacitor are going to determine the size of the plates. This system consists of four main parts, which as: Vessels, Electric Field Imaging Device MC33794, MC68HC908QY4 Microcontroller, LED-based dynamic indicating system. These four parts are fully related on each other. When signal on capacitor is processed by MC33794, the proportional value of direct analog voltage is moved out for microcontroller analysis. Normally, each voltage value is corresponding to its liquid… Continue reading

The Advanced E-field Touch Keyboard

Would you love to try something different in your boring life? Then, how about take a few hours and create an E-field touch keyboard? We all know that keyboard is one of the most important input devices of the personal computer. It mainly consist a set of keys arranged in matrix from interfaced with microcontroller to transmit proper key-press signal to the PC. Amongst the various types of keyboards, the mechanical type of keyboards is most popular. Basically, the E-field touch keyboard is an interesting project, where it can be used to replace present keyboard having mechanical type switches with a “Touch keyboard”. This keyboard can reduce the strain on finger muscles and chances of any related diseases. To be honest, the probability of a key not working is very less, as no any dust or dirt can enter into it to interrupt the key’s function. The best thing about this E-field touch keyboard is it eliminated most of the mechanical keyboard switches. If you refer to the above figure, you can see that two thin triangular electrodes are connected… Continue reading

The Ultimate E-field Sensor

What’s your opinion about the E-field sensor? Do you know that E-field sensor is the most suitable component that being used for industrial application. The MC33794-based E-field sensor can be used to detect liquid levels in any plastic containers. The electrodes are made of aluminium foils and it wrapped all around the container circumference. The whole system is designed around the MC68HC908JK3 microcontroller. In this project, the MC33794 is being used for applications, where non-contact sensing of objects is desired. Normally, it contains circuitry necessary to generate a low-level electric field and measure the field loading caused by objects moved into the field. Beside that, the MC33794 is intended for use in detecting objects in an electric field associated with an electrode. The IC will generate a low-frequency sine wave, and the frequency is adjustable by using an external resistor that has been optimized for 125 kHz. Basically, the sine wave has a very low harmonic content, where it is to avoid the generation of harmonic interference. The internal generator that being included in this E-field sensor will produce a… Continue reading