CATaLOG – You Will Never Lose The Trace of Your Cat Again!

Some people love to keep cats as their pet. However, unlike the dogs, cats didn’t like to stay at home and its like to wandering all around the neighborhood. Sometimes, you’re very hard to track its trace, as it can walk up to several kilometers away per day!

If you’re one of the cat owners and would like to keep your eyes on its, maybe this CATaLOG project is what you’ve looking for…


The CATaLOG has the ability to track your cat as they go in and out of the house. By using this intelligent RFID cat tracker, you can easily find out:

  • The times your cat spends outside of the house.
  • The times your cat mostly gets out from the house.

For keeping your cat in your supervision, you might also want to modify the CATaLOG a little bit and upgrading with the Twitter follower system! (Sounds interesting, isn’t it?)

Well, in order to cut down the development cost, the CATaLOG is built based on the Arduino Microcontroller and linked to a low cost RS232 RFID reader. In addition, the Arduino Ethernet Shield and Linksys WAP11 router are being used in this project. The latter two components act as a wireless network bridge to send the data over the internet simultaneously.

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