Building blue-tooth enabled home automation

There are so many thing at home that we need to do over and over again same way. Also some of these things need our attendance like checking temperature, lights. But those can be done automatically by using a simple home automation system. Temperature can be controller by using thermostat, lights can be turned on and off by using simple relay switch and so on and forth. Kyle had this idea to build a simple automation system and so finally he got to it.


He wanted it to be simple, accessible and easy to customize. Well Arduino seemed to be obvious choice. Instead of picking ready made Arduino board, he made his custom one using toner transfer method. This way he cut some budget and also made it more unique. He made his board so that it could sit on top of relay board and had room to plug blue-tooth module on it. Blue-tooth enables to control and monitor parameters from any blue-tooth host like PC or hand-held device. Kyle didn’t stop with bare board design and finished it with laser cut acrylic enclosure. Now things look way different.

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