Building a BASIC Stamp LED Cube (Before Programming)

The BASIC Stamp microcontroller is user friendly and a favorite of electronic hobbyists. The application of BASIC Stamp dates back to the 1990’s but continues to evolve. As a budget microprocessor, BASIC Stamp is helping further new technologies, as well. This includes LED cubes, which offer several advantages. The benefits of LED cubes include:

  • Aesthetics: LED Cubes are visually appealing compared to alternatives.
  • Cost: BASIC Stamp boards, resistors, transistors and basic wiring are inexpensive materials.
  • Learning Curve: There is a minimal learning curve and novices can quickly enjoy LED Cubes.


Here is a BASIC STAMP LED Cube project for most skill levels. The materials can all be purchased at a local electronics store or an online electronic store such as Newark.

What You Will Need:

  • BASIC Stamp Board
  • Solid Core Wire (22 Gauge)
  • 12 each of Red, Green, White and Yellow LEDS
  • 4 Resistors (22ohm, 33ohm, 820hm, 220ohm)
  • NPN Transistors
  • 9V Battery
  • I piece of small scrap wood

Drill BASIC Stamp Board and Solder LEDs:

Consider setting the LEDS so the positive moves down the LED columns. You can then have the ground be similar on each level. We will later use NPN transistors that allow a current to flow through.

There is no steadfast rule on how to set your BASIC Stamp Board.However, there are common safety procedures. (More on this below) You can gain further insight into drilling and soldering through various web resources. Your BASIC Stamp board and soldering skills are each factors to consider.

Soldering Your LED Cube:

Cut your board to a size that will accommodate the LEDs. Power tools and scissors are reliable options to do so. A breathing mask and eye protection is essential. The dust and flying particles are health hazards that require precaution.

Solder your LEDs to the board in layers. You will solder each layer together, with care to ensure no connections are missed.

Wires from each layer are then soldered to the board for ground. Then solder addition wires out. Next, solder wires to the lowest level of LD legs. You can then take out all wires and bind together.

Your LED Cube is ready for programming!

Still Relevant after over 20 Years:

BASIC Stamp in an excellent way for newbies to gain interest in electronics as a whole. This is seen in science programs across the country. Investor Elliott Broidy sponsors science camps in Los Angeles that introduce technologies, such as BASIC Stamp, to high school students.


Despite being over 20 years old, BASIC language continues to be relevant. This LED cube allows us to harness the rise this technology in an easy way.

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