Bread-Boarding the LPC1114 Dip28

For those who are not acquainted with the chip, LPC1114 is a M0 CORTEX ARM microprocessor stuffed into a 28 pin DIP package. Surprise, well I was to when I first read about this. Thee LPC1114 DIP28 serves as a great hacker/maker chip for electronic projects.  It’s cheap and easy to work with on the breadboard and a variety of development-boards are available in variety of stores which even features an on-board debugger. It’s not exactly a project, but a tutorial kind of a things which aims to run the PLL i.e. Phase Locked loop of the controller, at a frequency of 48MHZ,


The first thing he did was to separate the LPC-LINK from the target card (saving the target card for a future project).  It was a little tricky to cut them as there is no scoring on the PCB between the two. For the software, he used a tool-chain which was open-source and contained “newlib-nano” which was nicely code optimized. And moreover there is a ticket based support available online which seemed to be quite responsive to the author.

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