Bot with a Balance

The project I am going to talk about next is actually a self-balancing bot or rather an instructions on how to build your own self balancing bot. The electronics features an ATmega328 running 16MHz and 3.3V. It’s out of spec according to the datasheet but it worked for the author. The sensing part consists of a MPU6050 chip which combines a 3 DOF gyro and 3 DOF accelerometer in a small package, which is ideal for a self-balancing bot.


The chassis is made from a sheet of polystyrene, since it’s really easier to cut with a sharp knife. The MPU6050 sensor is actually mounted at the bottom of the lowest plate of the chassis so that it can work efficiently. Apart from it he has used a brushless DC motors along with its driver and rest of the stuff normally required. The main part of the project is coding the Arduino. The first step involved getting data from the sensor which has to be filtered by using a Kalman Filter whose library for Arduino is available online. Next was the PID which was another difficult step that took time to get resolved. Good thing about the project for beginners is that the code is available to download along with the schematics but it might require some changes if you want to work your bot to work efficiently.

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