BordFree – It Means Time to Have Some Serious Fun!

If you’re a big fan of retro games, and interested to develop the game by yourself, then today’s you’ll have the chance to get involve with the BordFree game!

This BordFree (Remember, as it’s BordFree, not “BoardFree”!) device is actually a resurrection of the classic Microsoft hit SkiFree featuring an innovative tilt-control system.


The specialty about this BordFree game is it places the user in the boots of a snowboarder navigating a challenging ski competition. The BordFree players are able to see their character on a color TV scrolling from bottom to top, which is enable the users to observe with the various obstacles during the game. During the game, the players need to navigate around these obstacles and let the players hit on it to slow down the speed.

Well, the main objective of the game is to get as many score as possible, where will be based on the total distance traveled before being eaten Pacman (Yeah, you didn’t read it wrongly, there’s a huge Pacmen monster in the game and you should try your best to avoid it!)

Freebord, which is a six-wheeled skateboard that allows sideways tilting, is being placed into the BordFree. Beside that, the tilt-control is fully-monitored by the Mega32 microcontroller.

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