Bills vs. Rams: Thursday Night Football Betting Predictions

Football fans get a betting analysis and a breakdown for every Thursday Night Football game. This article looks at the subsequent NFL betting odds and the factors influencing their trends in a certain direction. Below, we look at the Buffalo Bills and the Los Angeles Rams and their betting perspectives on the matchup:


Bills-1.5 at LA Rams (+2.5)

The Bills were 58.8% against the spread in the past season, 55.6% as a road team, and 75% in non-conference games. The Rams were 47.6% against the spread, 45.5% as a home team, and 16.7% in non-conference games in the last season and postseason.

The Bills underperformed in last year’s AFC Divisional Round game because of a minor overtime loss to the Chiefs. However, fans still love them as the SuperBowl favorites, even as they enter this new game season. Their defense is fierce, and another star Ram on the team, Von Miller, makes everything even better.

On the other hand, the Rams have retained most of their players from the last SuperBowl season. They also added Allen Robinson to strengthen their potent defense with other healthy spots to equip them for the Thursday game.

The team’s player, Matthew Stanford, also appears to be doing well from his past elbow issues during the offseason. The only limitation on the Rams is perhaps WR Van Jefferson’s knee injury that will have him miss the season opener—a big one for the team.

Matchup: Buffalo Bills vs. Los Angeles Rams

The Bills wrapped up the 2021 regular season with 381.9 yards for every game they played. However, the last three games, plus the postseason match, only recorded a total of 442.7 yards. The team’s games were a significant outperformance, especially on the road, where they pulled in 285.3 passing yards for every contest.

On the flip side, their defense held opponents to low passing yardage of 289.2 yards per game. Most of the figures relied on Bill’s home coverage to yield 230.4 yards for every road game.

As for the Rams, their SuperBowl ended with 373.2 total yards and 364.9 for the home game for the regular and postseason.

Bet on Thursday Night Football Like a Pro!

TNF makes the week busy for players and coaches, with little recovery time before the next game. This factor, among others, significantly levels the playing field for players and bettors.

For a start, effective betting entails taking the most rested team for the best performance. You want to lean your money towards the healthiest squad that has had time to prepare for the game. It also doesn’t hurt to have more faith in the home team because of less travel and movement before the game. That means the players have had enough time to prepare.

It would also be best to consider a team with little to no injury reports, as it would affect the overall player performance. These primary factors and not heeding the trap of public opinion would do you good. The TNF is a great game played all year, with players and coaches doing their best to emerge as the best.

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