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Be a piano hero

The students at the Cornell University have developed something interesting that might excite all of you. We all have seen a vast number of virtual piano but this is something special. It’s a virtual piano which the user can play on the screen, even if the screen is not a touch screen. Amazed, well that’s the beauty of the project. Instead of using a costly touch-screen based monitor, they simply hook up a camera, and with some amount of small calibration, your monitor could easily turn into a touchscreen


The Karplus-Strong string synthesis Algorithm is widely used to simulate the real instrument sound produced by strings. One major trade off the project is that, instead of storing the image to display in SRAM, they have just make a virtual buffer for VGA. It’s a module that takes the VGA address as input and calculates the corresponding colour and sends out the result. They have assigned each key a label, so later on when we compare the input image colour with the stored colour, we can know which key is pressed. A timer is also used to control the tempo which is measured in bps (beats per second)

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