Balloon Tracking System

The name might sound strange initially, but it’s a totally different project. It’s actually a high-altitude balloon tracking and sensor data acquisition platform that can also be used as a robust mesh network of airborne sensors. Above this, it is an open source project and all the features are integrated into a single board for ease of access and also to reduce complexity.  The motherboard consist of a GPS along with a transmitter which also has an option of SMA connector. Along with this, it has also support for Micro Sd card for logging the data along with optional headers for XBEE based communication modules.


The motherboard also has a temperature sensor along with regulators of both 3.3V and 5V and various programming as well as debugging ports. The Slave Motherboard is the heart of the system and is responsible for collecting data. Up to 6 motherboards can be used on one balloon, which allows the deployment of numerous sensor arrays. Overall an excellent project, with numerous sensor and more importantly support for additional sensors and debugging option. But I also feel, that its usage is limited.

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