AVR TV terminal

This TV terminal made by Vassilis Serasidis has been around quite some time and served lots of people as a great project or at least as reference to new designs. If you missed it – you just need to check it out. Well this TV terminal can completely replace any indicator that you usually use in your embedded design.

So TV terminal is capable of displaying 40 chars in 25 lines or 80×75 points in semi graphical mode. TV terminal is built around ATmega8 microcontroller that is clocked at 20MHz and it is still a trade off because originally 22MHz would be needed. Despite sending info to TV device also accepts keystrokes from standard PC keyboard and data from RS232 channel. So this makes device pretty universal which can act as a TV display controller for other embedded projects or simply accept data from PC via RS232 interface.

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  1. You mistyped his name. The correct is Vassilis Serasidis

  2. Thank you for pointing that out.

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