AVR temperature sensor with graphical LCD

Winter is approaching and obviously we start care about temperature. Is it warm enough, how does it change during time and so on. This next project is based on AVR Atmega32 microcontroller which outputs information to graphical LCD screen. As temperature sensor there is a common DS18B20 IS used that interfaces to MCU via 1-wire protocol.

Along temperature information there is also a clock and date information. Date is calculated with Leap year algorithm. So this is a great source if you’re looking for software based time and date track. Thermometer also calculates minimum and maximum temperature values that are stored in to EEPROM memory. There is minor menu system that allows to do some basic settings like time and date adjust. Also there are couple different temperature view modes including log view and graphical plot. So this is pretty handy device that only needs nice enclosure so it could serve any purpose.

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