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AVR based Stepper Motor Controller

I know many of you have faced a numerous number of issues in controlling even the simple stepper motor and try to get the basic code to work.  This was also the case with the designer of this project. With his project you just have to plug in your stepper motor and whatever power supply you have and you are ready to go without any need for breadboard or any driver. The motor is controlled by using a potentiometer and also features a set of buttons to fast forward or fast reverse.

The input to the driver can be anywhere between 8V and 24V and is built around a Attiny10 controller by Atmega running at a variable frequency in between 8MHz and 12MHz. Also, the driver can be programmed according to your needs with the help of the programmer port attached to the backside of the driver.  As per the current revision, if by chance you have plug the step stick the wrong way, it will zapp the attiny as well as the step stick. So you have to be really careful while using it. Overall, an excellent driver for those who are just started learn to the stepper motor but provided you use the step stick carefully.

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